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Improve Your Writing with These Great and Easy Tips

Are you finally feeling ready and want to take that next step to become a writer? Then you are in the right place. Getting started is always the hardest part, and while you might be a great writer, no one will ever read your work if you do not make that bold step and start now.

Writing is no longer a thing of the chosen few, with the growth in online platforms such as websites, blogs, and EBooks. More writers can now share their work with the world. Unfortunately, not all writers make it big.

But the good news, the internet is now filled with great information on how you can set up a successful writing career and a great way to get started is by blogging. Here are some tips on blog writing.

In addition to learning how to blog. Join in as we go through some great writing tips and deal with one of the biggest problems most writers encounter.

  1. Practice

Remember the adage, practice makes perfect? For you to become a great writer, you need to write as much as you can. Like singing or drawing, writing too is a skill, therefore, it is essential to take time to practice as much as possible.

Tip, if you are struggling with writing often, set a target to type at least 500 words in a day, with time you will find writing will become easier and fun.

However, mere practice will not make you a great writer. While practicing, it is essential to follow the following procedures.

Find out at what level you are as a writer. This is a great way to track your progress and to improve your skill.

Secondly, be intentional and deliberate with your practice. Change comes from within, and this is the same when it comes to learning this new skill. If you need to have affirmation words reminding you, “you are the greatest writer in your times,” then use this to motivate you.

A final tip, when it comes to practicing and writing more often, is finding a mentor or coach. Seek advice and guidance from someone who has been through the journey before you. And it is now easier to find mentors through social forums.

  1. Read More

For you to be an outstanding writer, you need to read more often. Reading not only helps improve your language. But also helps you understand different writing styles, which will consequently help you identify your voice. Additionally, reading is a great source of inspiration, helping you build meaningful connections with other writers.

  1. Read Your Work Out Loud

Reading out loud helps identify awkward phrases and long sentences. You want your work to flow and for the readers to enjoy every step. Make the reading easy by using the correct phrases and using shorter, easier to understand sentences.

Reading your work out loud can also be a great opportunity to get feedback from your peers or friends. By inviting your friends over for a reading session.

  1. Get Feedback

Before publishing your work, sort for feedback, find out what people think about your work and areas you can improve on. Having people criticize your work may be scary, but this is one of the most effective ways to improve your craft.

Reviews are also a great way to find out what the audience wants to read more. And this in turn, helps you expand your voice and audience reach. Besides a review from peers and friends, it is also essential to hire a professional editor.

The first bold step is putting your work out there for the world to read. But remember, don’t only take the harsh negative criticism, find out what people enjoy about your book, and work on improving your craft daily.

Bonus Tip

Besides practicing or reading often, another great way to skyrocket your writing is by using the right writing tools. Find out more about the best writing tools here.

Dealing with Writer’s Mental Block

Besides improving and practicing daily, another essential area to work on as a writer is how to deal with a mental block

After writing for weeks, you might experience a writer’s block. This doesn’t mean you should not be a writer. Here are ways to help you eliminate the writer’s mental block.

First, acknowledge this phase. You may feel exhausted, but want to push through but find yourself working on a single page for hours. This is a sign that you might be experiencing a block.

After acknowledging your block, the next step is finding your most relaxing activity. This may be switching off your computer and phone and taking a walk.

Walking has both physical and mental benefits, besides keeping you fit. Walking has been seen to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps boost your alertness.

Another method to help eliminate the mental block is reading inspiring quotes, a blog, or a chapter of your favorite book. Reading helps stir up the writing spirits and inspires you.

Another effective method to boost your productiveness while experiencing a writer’s mental block is the Pomodoro time technique.

The Pomodoro technique helps you break down your work into manageable, easy tasks. For instance, if you are working on a chapter, outline the different parts of the chapter. When breaking down your time, set your timer for the next 25minutes, and work on your task without interruptions.

Pictorial representation of a watch, paper and pen. Preparing to start writing

Pomodoro Timer

After the 25 minutes take a 5 minutes break, breaking down your tasks into smaller, manageable workloads, helps you work on more and makes it useful. With time you could increase your working time as you like to ensure you achieve your day’s goal.

Take Away

Writing is an exciting journey and your experiences and lessons along the way are a great way to inspire and teach others something new. But remember, for your writing to make an impact, it is important to find out why you are writing, what you want to write, and to what extent you are willing to change your way of life to add the new schedule or skill in your life.

Additionally, perfecting your writing is a journey. And it can only be accomplished if you are ready to learn from your mistakes, reading more, and practicing your craft.

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