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Great content is King: Here’s How to make it as a Content Creator

If you have been going through blogs on the internet, you have come across the popular saying. “Content is King.” However, content creators are now focused on not just content writing, but are now focused on creating outstanding content.

 You don’t want your content to be average. To ensure your content is influential and effective. Read on, as we dive deeper into how to create great content, and essential skills every great content writer should have. Or more so, you can get more insights on content writing here

  1. Identify Your Niche

The first and most crucial step in ensuring you create great content is by identifying a niche. You could use several methods to help you with this. First, find a topic or area in life you are passionate about and experienced in, ensuring your provide value in your articles.

You could also eye a lucrative niche when coming up with your plan. Furthermore, the end goal is to make an income. For example, technology, digital marketing, health, fitness, and finances are great niches. However, this does not mean other areas are not lucrative.

The third way you can identify a great writing niche is finding a gap, this is the information you want to read, but there are few sources to refer to. Like any other business, for content writing to be a success, you need to identify a gap in the market.

Now that you have identified your niche, the next step is,

  1. Identify Your Voice

Your writer’s voice influences your point of view, vocabulary, and tone. For example, suppose you want your content to be personalized. In that case, your phrases and sentence structure will be different from one using a formal tone. It is in the same way, these tones will differ from a narrator’s point of view.

Identify how you want your audience to view your content and don’t be afraid to try out different approaches to find out what works best for your content.

  1. Have Your Audience in Mind

Ask yourself these essential questions before embarking on any writing project.

  • What is your audience’s demographic?
  • Which is the prefered age group?
  • What do you want the readers to gain from your work?
  • Is the content meaningful and providing a fresh perspective?

These questions will ensure your content is relevant and beneficial. Moreover, you don’t just want content but exceptional content as well.

These three pointers have covered the first step in creating a lasting content writing career. The second stage is learning how to create great content.

Let’s dive right in

  1. Headline

Your headline is the gateway to your content. A great headline determines whether the reader will continue with your article or not. Make your headlines catchy and compelling. There are several tips to ensure you create a great headline.

  • Use a question; a question is a great way to invoke curiosity and in most cases, your reader will want to find the answer to your question.
  • The second way is using numbers; readers are drawn to countable results, the readers need to find out the various way they will benefit after reading your post. For instance, you could use “3 Proven Tips to improve your Content.”
  • Another method is the use of emotional adjectives. Readers will be drawn to your content if they feel an emotional connection. Phrases such as free, fun, or essential to mention a few resonate with the audience invoking the need to find out more about the content.

Giving a promise, like a number, including a promise in your headline, makes the readers curious to find out more.

Caution, don’t just make empty promises, and create catchy headlines and slack in delivery. Always ensure your content accomplishes what the reader yearn for.

Additionally, you could also use a combination of the three tips to create a great headline.

  1. Quality

Now that you have your reader curious and hooked to your content. You want them coming back for more, or even subscribing to an email newsletter, like and share your work. The answer to this is quality content, find out new and easy solutions.

  1. Use Easy Language

You want your work to appeal to a larger audience and be easily digestible. Use everyday vocabulary and short, easy to understand sentences. Before posting your work, edit to eliminate the jargon and awkward phrases.

Remember, your reader will not read through if they feel the need to find out the meaning of every few words in your work.

The final step in becoming a great content writer is identifying some of the skills you need to acquire or sharpen along the way. But remember, it is also important to identify common mistakes to avoid as a content creator.

  1. Great Research Skills

Remember, for your content to be unique, you need to provide your readers with a new and fresh idea. For this to be a success, you need to take time when researching, have an eye for unique solutions, read in between the lines, and take time to provide accurate information.

There are billions of blogs and websites today. Unfortunately, some of these websites are not recognized or ranked due to outdated information. Improve your research skills and find out relevant information, or even popular terms in your industry.

  1. Organizational Skills

Another skill you will need to learn in content writing is organization skills. There is much more than writing when it comes to creating content. For you to be productive in your craft, organize your time, set schedules on what topics to post, depending on the time of the year or even season.

For example, if you are working on keeping your house warms during the winter, it would be unrealistic to make such a post during the summer.

  1. Copywriting Skills

Another important skill you will need as a content writer is the art of copywriting. Copywriting helps you create a compelling and unique article that not only help to increase readership but also help in generating sales.

  1. SEO Writing Skills

Pictorial representation of SEO where content writing is always required

As earlier on mentioned, there are billions of blogs and website pages. Besides creating quality content, search engines also rank your work, depending on SEO skills. Things such as the use of keywords help to rank your work and present it to the right audience. Take time to learn this skill, and you can take a free online course on SEO and digital marketing.


With the right skills and writing tips, your content writing journey is guaranteed to grow. However, before getting started, find out your reason and grow at your own pace.

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