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Interview Preparations; What to Expect and How to Deal with the Questions

Having a great resume can increase your chances of getting hired. But how you answer the interview questions matters more. It gives the hiring manager an idea of who exactly you are. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools at hand. First, know and understand interview preparation. Then, know how to answer the questions correctly. This increases your chances of getting the job.

Your resume focuses on few parts about yourself. It may omit important details. Details you would want the employer to know about you.

Be detailed while answering interview questions. Include unique personal traits or achievements. All this might increase your chances of landing the job.

Interview Preparation 

Learn More about the Company

The first step is learning more about the company. Nowadays, there is a lot of information on the internet. For instance, about the company, a number of employers, vision, and mission.

Additionally, use social media platforms to find out more about hiring managers. Check their social media pages. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with potential employers. Also helps in finding more about them. You could use twitter to learn more about company trends.

Another resource to help learn more about the company is the company’s website. Read their blog to find out their voice. Familiarizing yourself with the company. This gives you a lead in providing great answers when asked. It, therefore, increases your chances of getting hired.

Dress for the Part

The first impression matters a lot. More so when it comes to interviewers. Below are some general tips to selecting your outfit include. Use the right colors. However, a rule of thumb is dress in neutral colors. Colors such as black, grey, navy blue, and white are safe and neat.

Grooming, yes, you read that right. Another essential part of dressing for an interview. Proper grooming plays a significant part. For men, ensuring you go for neat hair and beard cut. All this is vital in creating a good impression.

Another critical thing to consider grooming is your perfume. Smelling nice is great. However, using strong scents is not advised. Strong scents put off some of the hiring team members. Use mild, non-allergic scents.

Finally, when it comes to dressing, be minimal on your jewelry. Even if you love your jewelry and feel they are part of your identity. You don’t want to be seen as not fit for the job. For men, a good watch and a great belt will do. Always remember, less is more when it comes to jewelry.

Work on Your Body Language

Besides your dressing, your body language also creates an impression. For instance, standing with sluggish shoulders. This portrays, you are not confident. Sit and stand upright and maintain eye contact. Sitting with your legs and arms crossed. This sends loads of messages to the interviewer. The message delivered is that you are defensive and closed up person. Get more insights from Expert Writers Circle on Interview preparation.

Prepare for Questions to Expect 

Pictorial representation of an interviewer

Every interviewer seeks to know something different about your contribution to their company. There are some common interview questions to expect. Read on as we go through the most common interview questions and great answers.

  1. Tell me more about yourself.

This may seem like an easy question. But the employer is looking to find specific attributes. It is always in terms of your skills and work achievements. The first and most important thing to consider is avoiding repetition. Avoid telling the employer what is already on your resume.

When answering this question, keep it short and brief. You could touch on personal and job performance. Aspects of yourself not mentioned in the resume. Informing the employer why you are a perfect fit for their company.

  1. Describe Yourself

When answering interview questions focus on results. The employer is interested in your contribution to the organization. How your previous positions and abilities will help the company. How you will help them rank higher or make better sales. When answering these questions, highlight results-based characteristics. Traits that will help you be an ideal selection for the job.

For instance, you are an extrovert. Applying for a job as a manager, how will that help the company. You could include how the character helps you mobilize employees. How to relate better with the workers.

  1. What Are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?

These two questions are common. The questions are the employer’s way to gauge your honesty. Your weaknesses should portray an effort in improving yourself. While your strengths show why you are a perfect fit for the job.

When answering about your weakness portray them positively. You don’t want the employer to see you as inadequate. You must also remember that no one is perfect. So, your employer knows this too.

Therefore, it is essential to approach this question wisely. Highlight an area in your life where you noticed some weaknesses. And show you are working on improving yourself. For instance, if you are shy in crowds and airing your opinions. You could highlight this as a weakness. Remember how you are working towards becoming better. All this are key aspects to consider in the process of interview preparation.

  1. What is Your Salary Expectation?

Employer seeks to find out several things by asking these questions. All this is before settling on a deal. The employer needs to determine whether their budget is in line with your expectations. Also, these questions help in finding out whether you know your worth.

For instance, if you quote a low rate. The employer might be inclined to think you do not know your worth. Or, you are not confident. Or not capable in your work. Excessively high rates, on the other hand, may put off the employer.

Learn to strike a balance by finding out how much the company pays for specific positions. Remember to point out you are open to negotiating. Negotiating on a rate that suits both the employer and yourself is essential. This makes the employer have confidence in you.

These are just a few of the most common interview questions to expect. When preparing for interview questions, be open-minded. It is essential to be clear-headed and calm. Don’t rush when answering the questions. Most importantly, always maintain eye contact.

Your take away

You might not know what questions to expect during the interview. A great approach is to always to focus on your input to the company. And not about yourself when answering the questions. Keep in mind employers is interested in working with result-oriented people. People who bring maximum results to the table. Get more insight on interview preparation here.