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Writing A Top-Notch Essay

Even before you join college to the moment you finally receive your admission letter; you are expected to work on several essays. It takes time for one to sharpen their essay writing skills to a point of writing a top-notch essay. Getting it right for the first time is not easy. To help ensure your practice reaps, it is essential to couple up your writing with a few do’s and don’ts. For more information, you can check out a detailed explanation at Expert Writers Circle

But first, let us take a closer look at: What is an essay? 

An essay is an academic piece, formatted in paragraphs, and set out to answer a particular topic or answer a question. The paragraphs are sectioned into arguments, which are drawn into a conclusion. Essay formats are straight forward and comprise of a title, the body, conclusion, and references. All this is a general and essential structure for writing a top-notch essay that meets all the professional requirements.

The Dos and Don’ts in Writing a Top-Notch Essay

  1. Carefully Read Your Prompt and Syllabus. 

Some tutors offer a detailed and easy to understand prompt, guiding you on what exactly they expect from the essay. However, some give a vague idea of what you should write. Whether the prompt is easy or vague, it is essential to follow, understand, and refer back to the instructions to ensure you stay on the right track.

  1. Research 

Your research sets your essay apart, write down a list of research sources and methods. Besides a literature book, you could also use the internet to source great material for your essay. However, remember to cite properly, to avoid plagiarism. You have now understood the prompt, identified your sources. The next step is now writing the essay, before that, ensure you.

  1. Follow and Understand the Formatting Requirements

While some professors are not strict about the formats, it is always good to ask for clarification on their preference in terms of font, size, and styles. There are several writing formats, from MLA, APA, and Chicago, to mention a few. These writing styles differ from one institution to another, so be sure to find out from your professors or colleagues. For more information regarding formatting and writing styles. Expert Writers Circle has a detailed and simple structure that explains all the styles.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Overuse Jargon 

Overusing big and cliché words might affect your grade. You might think that using big words portrays you as a wordsmith. But contrary to that, using jargon might portray your work as shallow. Trying to compensate for the little research.

However, it is essential to identify between excess jargon and industry terms. Despite making the essay easy to understand, including industry terms, shows your understanding of your course.

  1. Don’t Waste Time

You might have the entire semester to deliver your essay. Don’t wait until the last few weeks. After identifying your sources, start working on your piece as soon as possible. Working on your essay sooner also gives you time to make any necessary changes before the final submission.

  1. Don’t Use any Information Without Academic Backing

A direct order insisting one to write something

As previously mentioned, besides literature books, there are more sources on the internet. However, before using any information, always ensure it is accurate and academically credible.

The above do’s and don’ts when it comes to essay writing are an easy guide. Another important factor to consider when writing your essay is your conclusion. Your essay introduction gives a great overview of what to expect in the main body, but the conclusion is as essential.

The conclusion is a great place, to sum up, all your essential points. Use your conclusion as a P.S. below are critical pointers to consider when writing a conclusion.

Avoid repeating your introduction in your conclusion part. The introduction and conclusion are two different parts of an essay. Additionally, avoid summarizing your body in the conclusion. Remember, you have already highlighted key points in your body.

Your conclusion is not the place to include new arguments or left out information. Instead, a good conclusion is like a sales pitch. Your conclusion is the last opportunity you have to make a final argument. Point out the strength of your case or points in your essay. In case you may need your essay or paper written by a professional writer, you can hire one here.  Get your paper written professionally with top-notch essay standards.

Tip: Always ensure your introduction gives an overview of your work. While the conclusion seals the deal by explaining your arguments in the paper.

Pictorial Representation of Planning before starting to write an essay

Besides the do’s and don’ts, here are more important tips to help you in improving your essay writing skills.

Ensure your essay or paper is easy to read. Before giving a final grade, some professors skim through the work to get an idea of what the essay entails. Using long sentences or mixing up paragraphs may have a negative effect on your grade. To avoid this, ensure that your essay is easy to skim through. Have your key points highlighted and using the right format.

Also, let every paragraph have a specific point. Your work will be easily understood when each paragraph has a particular point.

Highlight the key points in your essay, always highlight key points. You could use numbers or bullet points to showcase the key components of the essay.

Use transition words between paragraphs. Another great tip to ensure your work is easy to read and skim through. By using transition words in between paragraphs is a good example. Transition words make your work appear organized and helps communicate one point to the other. For more clarification, questions, or any hitch-backs, feel free to contact us here. We will surely get to your case right away.


With your essay having the ultimate goal of answering the question or discussing the topic at hand. It is essential to follow through with the above easy guidelines. Working on an essay makes it easy to compile information and present your arguments in an easy, straightforward manner. It is essential to remember and have your end goal in mind. This ensures you remain relevant while backing them with authoritative sources. By following all the above steps and guidelines, there is a high chance that you have what it takes in writing a top-notch essay.

Important Take-Away

Pay close attention to your introduction and conclusion. Your introduction should inform the reader of your intention. Why you chose that topic or question. On the other hand, your conclusion should answer your findings if you are working on a problem. You could also include your final verdict, depending on your results. To back your answer, ensure your introduction and conclusion is interesting enough. This will help attract someone to read your arguments.