Marketing Unit of the Apple Inc

Marketing Unit of the Apple Inc
Apple Company
It is an American international technology business organization that has its headquarters in California. Apple designs manufacture and trades electronics, computer software as well as online services. The company builds on its capacity to innovate and apply its high flexibility in goods and services development speed to generate competence in the market.
Mission statement
The company’s mission changes with time. This is because of the business landscape that keeps on varying, industry setting and the fluctuating market. The current mission statement states the following. Apple Inc designs the highest quality ...
computers globally, software, Macs, along with OS X and iWork.The company becomes the leading digital music provider with its online store. Apple reinvents phones with its innovative App store and iPhone, and it dictates the future of computing gadgets (Rowland, 2019).
In general, the company operates with the purpose of acquiring stellar goods and services in short timeframes at a low cost that denotes the highest possible value for its clients and stakeholders. Apple Inc. also has three main strategic goals that are long-term. The first one is environmental obligations which mainly involve the use of renewable energies in its operations. The other goal is leveraging the capacity to design and manufacture. The company aims at offering global class innovations and incorporation through their products which will empower them to gain a significant market share. Lastly, the company has a goal to enhance and expand continually.
Operational Objectives
Apple Inc operates with three primary objectives. The first entails enlarging its sales and distribution network to reach more customers. The other aim is to manufacture goods, and that is hassle-free and offer service and enjoyment for their clients. The last objective of the company is to be the top company in the mobile company.
The Marketing Unit of Apple Inc
The marketing department is one of the central operational units of Apple Inc. The company is known to have a very successful marketing technique, and its marketing strategies are considered to be company’s most significant competitive advantage (Johnson, Li, Phan, Singer, & Trinh, 2012). The organization through its marketing department researches about people’s preferences and the expectations of their goods and services then they deliver accordingly. The department also advertises the company’s products regularly to offer improved life of clients and make the trend of lifestyle appeal significant. The department also periodically works on enlarging its marketing geography by increasing its retail locations.

Johnson, K., Li, Y., Phan, H., Singer, J., & Trinh, H. (2012). The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc. 43.
Rowland, C. (2019, February 13). Apple Inc.’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement (An Analysis). Retrieved from Panmore Institute:

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