Overview of Qualitative Research

Overview of Qualitative Research
Research is a study that is well coordinated by professionals who get to come up with procedures that are used in investigating a particular topic. The investigations are all aimed at ...
coming up with findings and following conclusions that are relevant to the subject of study. In conducting research, two main approaches are used to investigate research problem which is, qualitative and quantitative research problem. Qualitative research methods are used to come up with a general overview of the topic. The plans are used by the researchers in coming up with knowledge and technical know-how of the subject in question. Quantitative research methods, on the other hand, are methods used to critically analyze the subject under study to come up with an exact comparison of variables. Quantitative methods are used in analyzing the already placed variables that are later us4ed to come up with a proper and sound solution of the topic expressed in both numerical and alphabetical explanation.
How to achieve success in research
To achieve success in any research project it is crucial to go back to the field several times, during these regular visits to the field, use of new techniques during collection of information will help enormously in getting relevant information.
Methods of research
1. Qualitative research method
Qualitative research examines the how, when, who, why and where concerning a particular project. Some of the features of qualitative study include the use of open methods such as interviews and open forums for the public to collect data.
Fields that employ qualitative research method include social sciences field, marketing, and business research as well as natural sciences field. Qualitative research may also differ depending on the field; some research aims at analyzing human behaviors and identifying the causes of these issues.

Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research method
It is essential to identify the pros and cons of using this method as it will help in analyzing the appropriate time to use the technique and when not to use it. Some of the advantages include:
1. The issues researched using qualitative methods are thoroughly and deeply covered thus giving a reliable report that will help to address the problems at hand.
2. The interviews are not limited as questions are open-ended and can be customised to deal with a specific group.
3. Since this method is less structured, the structure of the research can be redirected in case of any new information.
4. The data is based on human experience; this is a more compelling approach and will yield better fruits especially when dealing with people.
5. The qualitative method also allows the researcher to get a better understanding of the research subject. Analyzing the data accurate and recommendations are given become helpful in tackling arising issues.
Disadvantages Include:
1. The quality of research is based on the skills of the researcher, and this leads to biases.
2. It is time-consuming since the quantity of data is large thus taking time to analyze.
3. Anonymity and privacy can cause a problem during presentations and findings.
After identifying the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research methods, it is possible to determine when it is appropriate to use the technique and when not to use the technique.
It is appropriate when;
1. If the researcher is readily available throughout the research, the presence of the researcher is necessary when collecting the data as well as using his/her skills.
2. If the project to be tackled has a lot of time, the Qualitative method is time-consuming to several issues like the collection of data and the presentation.
When it is not appropriate;
1. Dealing with a hypothesis requires being defended and be proved to be true. A qualitative method does not achieve since it highly depends on human opinion.
2. If the only mode of data collection is a questionnaire, then the data collection is appropriate.
Difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods
The qualitative analysis aims to explain the phenomenon of what, why and how while quantitative aims at proving the hypothesis and is regarding amount.
In the Qualitative method, the data is collected and presented in the form of objects, narratives, as well as pictures while Quantitative method, on the other hand, shows information regarding numbers and statistical analysis.
A qualitative method has a less structured process since data is collected through interviews, public forums, observation, and analysis of secondary data while Quantitative method has a structured approach due to the research tools used such as questionnaires.
Qualitative uses open-ended questions with an aim to analyze more options while Quantitative uses closed questions which have quantifiable answers.
Quantitative allows for data to be presented subjectively this method helps to discover biases while Quantitative, on the other hand, offers the findings in an objective language.
2 Quantitative method
This method gives information on specific cases, and this research method is advisable for research topics that need to verify that a hypothesis is correct.
Subjects that suit quantitative method include; mathematics, sciences, and physics as they require proper data collection and critical analysis of the same. However, apart from those two fields, quantitative method is accommodative and wide. This makes the method useful in other areas like history, political science, health, human development just to mention a few.
Important factors to consider during research
The sample size and appropriate size the sample size greatly determines the accuracy of the findings. If the data to be collected involves human issues such as health a larger sample size is required.
Data saturation, this is ensuring that the data collected is accurate and reliable; research is used as for information. Acquiring the correct data is essential in analyzing the project.
Finally, some of the methods that can be used during research include; interviews an interview is best when using a qualitative method. Forum meetings, this method involves discussion among stakeholders involved like community members, leaders, and the researchers.
Another method is questionnaires; a good questionnaire has around ten questions and does not involve personal questions. After the collection of data, it is analyzed to make it more understandable like statistical analysis, after the break down the data is presented in tables, graphs and pies charts.
Conclusively research is essential in acquiring information and addressing issues that affect society, coming up with solutions and formation of policies that will help members of the society (DeFranzo, 2011). When planning on a research paper considers the following tips to ensure the research is a success. Carefully analyze the topic and come up with a problem statement. It will help to guide the structure of the research.  
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