An Analysis of “Second Coming” By W.B Yeatts

An Analysis of “Second Coming” By W.B Yeatts
The Second Coming is a description of what it was like during a specified period after the war in Europe in which the poet lived, and it describes the major turn of events and how the world was ...
like at that particular time. Further, it provides the readers with the poet’s thoughts are that there is no hope and the only solution at hand is only of the apocalypse or the Second Coming. It speaks about the great turmoil that people faced and how difficult it will be to overcome and whether there will be a possibility for the individuals experiencing a life without suffering or despair like what they encountered during that era. Despite his lack of hope, he is troubled that even though there will be an end to the war, in the future a beast may come who might be the genesis of violence all over again.
The Second Coming relates to Christianity, the Bible through the book of the revelation speaks about the apocalypse, and that is what Yeatts refers to in his poem. Yeatts describe another aspect that a symbol of violence may come to bring more chaos that is the Antichrist. Yeatts was born in the year 1865 13th June; his literary works were quite vast all over Ireland and Britain. As a result, he was to win the Nobel Prize after his native country acquired independence from Britain and died in,1939. “the center cannot hold” (3) depicts the primary concern in the poem. It shows how Yeatts has a pessimistic attitude towards his surroundings and any form of leadership that is supposed to be the root and bind things together but instead the center is incapable showing that indeed there is despair and nothing is perfect. The Centre in this scenario speaks about political systems and how they are transiting into something different that is a significant cause of chaos. This connotation describes how the focal point (political system) being in disarray is a perfect ingredient for disaster as is expressed entirely in the poem.
In the first Stanza, the poet is somewhat in a melancholic mood and shows a negative attitude towards the aftermath of the war. The Poet has no hope for the future, “The falcon cannot hear the falconer” (1-2). This line is a description of how bad things are as even the birds which are supposed to land after flying for a long time in the air have no glimpse of their master. It indicates how bad the times were that even the people are nowhere to be seen. “the ceremony of innocence is drowned.”It is a connotation of how difficult it is to remain unchanged and innocent with all the ferocity that was going on.
“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity"(7-8), this line also shows connotation as it shows how ingrained the genuine people are at doing good and the latter is only happy when engaging in cruelty. It depicts a time when separating the good from the evil was quite hard, and despite the chaos, it was still difficult to account for the best and worst alike.
The second Stanza shows some shifts, “Surely The Second Coming is at hand...the darkness drops again” (9-14).It shows how the poet is hopeful that a solution is on the verge, but then again he laments that even though the solution is coming there is a possibility that the solution will not be as good as anticipated. The use of connotation is evident “A shape with a lion body, and the head of a man “depicts the image of the Antichrist as in the revelation. As the previous description, the shift shows that the second coming was the Antichrist who would bring darkness by enhancing violence.
The Second Coming is a poem that describes the interconnection between the war people and Christian Ideologies. It provides insight on what the aftermath of the war can do to a nation especially the people in it. Besides, it informs people on the disparity between good and evil and what the apocalypse holds in store for us as a people.

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