Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing
Genetic testing is the process by which genes or rather DNA of a particular organism is studied to diagnose different strains that can be inherited. ...
Genetic testing can be done on any living organism where the DNA strains are examined and analysed carefully and manipulated accordingly. In human beings, genetic testing can be done to determine a child’s biological relation with other people. It is in such a manner that various strains that are unique, strong and weak are identified. Following an increased rate of genetic testing in the world, a critical analysis of three peer-reviewed sources will be conducted where a summary and an analysis will be done. All this will be for the reason of finding a different perspective of various authors on genetic testing.
Advances in Prenatal Genetic Screening
Various authors have researched prenatal genetics and come up with different views and results. However, research by Ignatia Van den Veyver (2016) on advances in prenatal genetic stood out among other researchers. Ignatia Van den Veyver research generally focuses on the overall diagnosis of abnormalities that may be present in the foetus (Veyver, 2016). The study aims at making sure that there is a clear understanding of the genetic makeup of the foetus before it is born. Apart from analysing defects and abnormalities present in a foetus, it also aims at identifying strong genes and traits that may make the foetus unique and robust. All this process is to ensure the safety and proper being of the foetus before it is born.
Critically analysing Ignatia Van den Veyver research, it is clear that it focuses on parental screening and testing for abnormalities that may be inherited by the foetus. Screening is done at different stages and category where different screenings and tests are suggested so that to come up with accurate results. For instance, expanded carrier screening and non-ivasive cell-free DNA-based screening have been introduced into prenatal care to increase the accuracy of the results. Ignatia Van den Veyver further explains the importance of the advances in the prenatal genetic screening and its impacts on the future population. It is clear that the screening positively impacts or rather determines the kind of genes and traits that are to be passed on to the future via the foetus.
Genetic Testing
Just as seen before, genetic testing is done in various ways, where small samples of blood or tissues are used in the process. Larissa Hirsch (2018) conducted research on genetic testing where she came up with various conclusions on the same. Hirsch report covers a wide range of topics that touch on essential aspects of genetic testing. The article focuses on genetic testing during pregnancy (Hirsch, 2018). All this is to try and educate and give a heads up as to why genetic testing has to be done during pregnancy. It is at this point that Hirsch explains why it is vital to conduct genetic testing during pregnancy. Moreover, the article gives an outline of the doctor’s perspective as to why genetic testing is recommended at any point when necessary. All this is aimed to ensure that the correct message is conveyed to all the people who may not be informed on genetic testing.
The fact that genetic testing is a scientific and medical procedure that keeps evolving, it means that not everyone is enlightened with the same. It is at this point that Hirsch critically explains and breaks down the importance of genetic testing during pregnancy and why doctors recommend genetic testing. Hirsch argues that genetic testing during pregnancy is essential as it helps in making sure that the foetus is taken care of in case of any history or traces of faulty genes in the parent’s history. Moreover, Hirsch explains instances at which doctors may recommend genetic testing to a patient (Hirsch, 2018). For example, when there is a history inherited illness in the family of one of the couples who is planning to get married. It is at this point where genetic testing will be used to determine if there is any trace of the disease and the probability at which it can be inherited. Also, gene testing can be recommended when a child experiences symptoms or illnesses that can only be described as inherited.
Types of Genetic testing tests
Innovation is rapidly taking over in many industries worldwide, and medicine is one of the industries where innovation has taken the toll. Genetic testing is an example of innovation in the medical industry. For this reason, various research activities have emerged to find out types of genetic testing that are present. At this point, the government of the United States, Department of health specializing in genetics came up with a report that summaries right and proved types of genetic testing tests. Among the common outlined are; newborn screening, diagnostic testing, Carrier testing, prenatal testing, pre-implantation testing, and forensic testing, to name a few (Genetic-Home-Reference, 2019). The named tests are among the top and certified tests that can be conducted as they are tested to be safe and productive when conducted in the right way.
Critically analysing the information posted by the US government on the types of genetic testing tests that are approved, it is clear that they have positive impacts on human beings. For instance, newborn screening has been tested and certified as it helps in identifying disorders that can be treated in early life. On the other hand, carrier testing is proved to be in the position to identify a carrier of a particular disorder and ensure that it is not passed on to the next generation. Diagnostic testing has also helped to rule out a specific genetic or chromosomal condition that is not accepted (Genetic-Home-Reference, 2019). All this is to ensure that the right traits are passed on to the future generation. Following all the report posted, it is clear that the type of genetic testing is based on either post or pre-test genetic testing activities.

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